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Is a 3 in 1 dictionary for learners of Khmer and English apps in iOS, Android, and Window Phone.

What can you do with Phum Dictionary?

Phum Dictionary version 3.0, which features text-to-speach (English), floating, search functionality, pinch to zoom, bookmark functionality and link to Korea Dictionary.

3in1 dictionary

Combination of 3in1 dictionary including Khmer-Khmer, Khmer-English, and English-Khmer.

Phum Korea Dictionary

It is a link to download or open Phum Korea dictionary.

Pinch to Zoom

Enjoying with the Pinch to Zoom and various font size.

User Friendly

Improving UI with user friendly and better performance.


Pop Up

Access to the innovation of floating, which is pop-up and user can do other things (like in PC).


Quick going to type keyword for searching result.


Enjoying with the Text-to-Speach on selected word or phrase.


Saving words and quick access with Bookmark Function.
Quick and easy to type with the Khmer Keyboard (new layout).

Why Use Phum Dictionary?

Our app claim that they are the best but we prove that we are expert in developing an ideal app. We have an excellent client record of several apps?

Base for Learners

Easy to use


Free app

Multi platforms

Khmer, English, & Korea


Phum Dictionary is a personal translator; it turns your ordinary phone device into an extraordinary trusted dictionary. You can now watch the tutorial either on Youtube or Download the PDF file from the attachment link.Download toturial PDF.

See why we are the best

Phum Dictionary is the number 1 app in Cambodia. We now reach more than 1 millions downloads.



Over 300k iOS downloaded on iOS devices.



Over 900k plus downloaded on android devices.


Active User

Over 700k active users using our app.

User testimonials

Even though we have been working hard and focus on making ideal products to fulfill people needs. Yet we still need your feedback to improve our Dictionary. We currently have over 7000 of 5 stars rating (Android).

It Really work! This dic program has include Englise→khmer Khmer→englise khmer→khmer; but the specail one is verb's sound.



GREAT !!! It's very usefull ! I love it so much. Keep going you will be the best apps developer. I saw you just added korean dict to ios. its really good so can you please make for android too. thanks



I like it and love it. It's really nice, i could use it anywhere that i want. For example ,i use it when i chatting with my foriegn fri.......



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Phum Dictionary is available on PlayStore (Android), AppStore (IOS) and WindowStore (Window Phone).

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